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Verekinthos is the mountain where, according to mythology, Idaioi Daktiloi, sons of Zeus and protectors of the Arts, once lived and were worshiped. They came to this mountain to teach age-old arts to men, such as metallurgy, pottery, glassworks and weaving.
Today, the ancient name of this mountain emerges once again and takes its place in the same site.

The above-mentioned age-old arts have been called up to take the place they deserve in people’s life.
Reserving the long tradition of craftsmanship in our region, we have created the Arts and crafts village “Verekinthos”, a model environment for reviving and sustaining the arts.

Our Story

Verekinthos is a village 8 km distance from the city center of Chania. It was built in 1999 due to the efforts of the official association of artists and craftsmen of Chania, in synergy with the National Organisation of Support Low-Middle Processing Businesses and EU. It was a long process that took 15 years from the idea to the building to be fulfilled. After a while buildings were bought by the craftsmen and artists.

Some of them are now retired or moved to other locations, renting or selling their properties to other artists.

Verekinthos village gives space to a lot of possibilities to be fulfilled. It is an innovative idea in action that aims to be a place of gathering. Through proximity and community building a lot of dynamics arises. 

And now....

Currently 15 workshops are hosted at our village maintaining and promoting traditional arts and crafts.

The visitor can find workshops for ceramics, silver and goldsmith, sculpture, glass making, painting, leather, sewing, fabric and textile applications, wood working and traditional musical instruments.

Ceramics and sewing classes and seminars are given throughout the year or customized for one or more times.

Opening hours

Most of the workshops are open from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm for weekdays and Saturdays and

some of them continue from 5:30 pm to 9.00 pm. Sundays are closed.



Classes of pottery, ceramics and sewing are offered through the year to kids and adults.

Private classes to travelers are also offered.

Contact us to get more information about the current classes.




materials design

September 2021


Ceramic days


October 2021


Verekinthos Festival

 August 2015


Art Festival

September 2021


Verekinthos Festival

 August 2016


Artistic Bazaar

July 2012

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Tel. (+30) 28210 80118

      (+30)28210 89101

        (+30)28210 80224 

Verekinthos Street,

Souda, Chania, Crete

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Monday - Friday 10:00 - 14:00

                            17:30 - 21:00

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